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Here are our recommendations for the perfect experience

The regulations regarding the thermal experience are rather simple.


First of all, hydration is key. The thermic choc caused by the transit between hot and cold cause your body to eliminate toxins which require a lot of water.


We suggest that you start with hot, then cold and finish with a period of rest. For better results, we recommend the rule of 10's:

10 minutes of hot, 10 seconds of cold & 10 minutes of rest

Want to enjoy the thermal experience

but don't have a reservation for a night or healthcare ?


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& policies

Our  thermal experience is reserved to 18yo and older

Sandals or shoes are required at all time when circulating on the site


We have a silence policy and it must be respected at all time on the exception of our Freaky Friday


No glass or breakable dishes is authorized on the premise 

provided items




What you'll need...


Nous vous offrons avec votre expérience thermale les serviettes de bains mais vous devez apporter votre cadenas pour les casiers.

Il est possible si vous le désirez de louer des peignoirs ici-même au cout de 12$/peignoir


Lors de votre prochaine visite, n'oubliez pas d'apporter sandales ou chaussures d'eau ainsi que votre maillot de bain.


Vous pouvez aussi apporter un peignoir de la maison, mais il n'est pas obligatoire sur le site.